Verbo to wish - Verbo to wish en espa帽ol desear - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To wish

Infinitivo: to wish

Gerundio: wishing

Pasado: wished

Participio: wished

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Presente Simple del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I wish
  • volume_up
    You wish
  • volume_up
    He/She/It wishs
  • volume_up
    We wish
  • volume_up
    They wish

Presente Continuo del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I am wishing
  • volume_up
    You are wishing
  • volume_up
    He/She/It is wishing
  • volume_up
    We are wishing
  • volume_up
    They are wishing

Pasado Simple del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I wished
  • volume_up
    You wished
  • volume_up
    He/She/It wished
  • volume_up
    We wished
  • volume_up
    They wished

Pasado Continuo del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I was wishing
  • volume_up
    You were wishing
  • volume_up
    He/She/It was wishing
  • volume_up
    We were wishing
  • volume_up
    They were wishing

Presente Perfecto del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I have wished
  • volume_up
    You have wished
  • volume_up
    He/She/It has wished
  • volume_up
    We have wished
  • volume_up
    They have wished

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I had wished
  • volume_up
    You had wished
  • volume_up
    He/She/It had wished
  • volume_up
    We had wished
  • volume_up
    They had wished

Futuro Simple del verbo to wish

  • volume_up
    I will wish
  • volume_up
    You will wish
  • volume_up
    He/She/It will wish
  • volume_up
    We will wish
  • volume_up
    They will wish

Imperativo del verbo to wish

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44 Oraciones con el verbo to wish

  • 1
    I wish I could travel around the world..
  • 2
    She wishes she had more time to spend with her family..
  • 3
    He wishes he could play the guitar..
  • 4
    We wish we could go to the concert tonight..
  • 5
    They wish they were taller..
  • 6
    You wish you had studied harder for the exam..
  • 7
    It wishes it could fly like a bird..
  • 8
    She wishes she had a bigger house..
  • 9
    He wishes he could speak fluent French..
  • 10
    They wish they could go back in time..
  • 11
    We wish we had more money..
  • 12
    I wish I could sing like Beyonc茅..
  • 13
    She wishes she could dance like a professional..
  • 14
    He wishes he could run a marathon..
  • 15
    They wish they could live in a beach house..
  • 16
    You wish you had a pet dog..
  • 17
    We wish we could go on a vacation..
  • 18
    It wishes it could eat ice cream all day..
  • 19
    I wish I had more free time..
  • 20
    She wishes she could meet her favorite celebrity..
  • 21
    He wishes he could become a famous actor..
  • 22
    They wish they could solve world hunger..
  • 23
    You wish you could teleport to different places..
  • 24
    We wish we could win the lottery..
  • 25
    It wishes it could swim in the ocean..
  • 26
    She wishes she could ski down a mountain..
  • 27
    He wishes he could travel through time..
  • 28
    They wish they could speak multiple languages..
  • 29
    I wish I could eat pizza every day..
  • 30
    You wish you could play a musical instrument..
  • 31
    We wish we could have a picnic in the park..
  • 32
    It wishes it could sleep for 24 hours straight..
  • 33
    She wishes she could paint like Picasso..
  • 34
    He wishes he could climb Mount Everest..
  • 35
    They wish they could visit all seven continents..
  • 36
    I wish I had a bigger car..
  • 37
    You wish you could meet your favorite author..
  • 38
    We wish we could have a big family gathering..
  • 39
    It wishes it could solve complex math problems..
  • 40
    They wish they could live in a treehouse..
  • 41
    He wishes he could be the president of the country..
  • 42
    She wishes she could become a famous chef..
  • 43
    I wish I could speak to animals..
  • 44
    You wish you could win a gold medal in the Olympics..