Verbo to trust - Verbo to trust en espa帽ol confiar - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To trust

Infinitivo: to trust

Gerundio: trusting

Pasado: trusted

Participio: trusted

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Presente Simple del verbo to trust

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    I trust
  • volume_up
    You trust
  • volume_up
    He/She/It trusts
  • volume_up
    We trust
  • volume_up
    They trust

Presente Continuo del verbo to trust

  • volume_up
    I am trusting
  • volume_up
    You are trusting
  • volume_up
    He/She/It is trusting
  • volume_up
    We are trusting
  • volume_up
    They are trusting

Pasado Simple del verbo to trust

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    I trusted
  • volume_up
    You trusted
  • volume_up
    He/She/It trusted
  • volume_up
    We trusted
  • volume_up
    They trusted

Pasado Continuo del verbo to trust

  • volume_up
    I was trusting
  • volume_up
    You were trusting
  • volume_up
    He/She/It was trusting
  • volume_up
    We were trusting
  • volume_up
    They were trusting

Presente Perfecto del verbo to trust

  • volume_up
    I have trusted
  • volume_up
    You have trusted
  • volume_up
    He/She/It has trusted
  • volume_up
    We have trusted
  • volume_up
    They have trusted

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to trust

  • volume_up
    I had trusted
  • volume_up
    You had trusted
  • volume_up
    He/She/It had trusted
  • volume_up
    We had trusted
  • volume_up
    They had trusted

Futuro Simple del verbo to trust

  • volume_up
    I will trust
  • volume_up
    You will trust
  • volume_up
    He/She/It will trust
  • volume_up
    We will trust
  • volume_up
    They will trust

Imperativo del verbo to trust

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46 Oraciones con el verbo to trust

  • 1
    I trust my best friend with my deepest secrets..
  • 2
    You can trust me to keep your secret..
  • 3
    She trusts her instincts when making important decisions..
  • 4
    He trusted his team to complete the project on time..
  • 5
    We trust our parents to support us no matter what..
  • 6
    You all can trust us to deliver a high-quality product..
  • 7
    They trust each other to always have their backs..
  • 8
    I trusted my intuition and it led me to success..
  • 9
    You should trust yourself more..
  • 10
    She will trust her gut feeling when choosing a job..
  • 11
    He trusted his friend to lend him money..
  • 12
    We trusted the process and achieved our goal..
  • 13
    You all can trust your instincts to make the right choice..
  • 14
    They have always trusted each other since childhood..
  • 15
    I trusted my teacher's advice and it paid off..
  • 16
    You can trust your partner to be loyal and faithful..
  • 17
    She trusted her friend with her life..
  • 18
    He will trust his team to handle the situation..
  • 19
    We trust our employees to work independently..
  • 20
    You all can trust the company to deliver exceptional service..
  • 21
    They trust their children to make good decisions..
  • 22
    I trusted my co-worker to complete the task on time..
  • 23
    You should trust your intuition more often..
  • 24
    She trusted her mother's opinion and it turned out to be right..
  • 25
    He trusted his dog to guard the house..
  • 26
    We trusted our friends to plan a surprise party for us..
  • 27
    You all can trust your instincts to solve the problem..
  • 28
    They have always trusted their neighbors to look out for them..
  • 29
    I trusted my doctor's diagnosis and started the treatment..
  • 30
    You can trust your best friend to keep your secrets safe..
  • 31
    She will trust her sister to take care of her pet while she's away..
  • 32
    He trusted his professor to write him a recommendation letter..
  • 33
    We trust our lawyer to defend us in court..
  • 34
    You all can trust the government to protect your rights..
  • 35
    They trust their friends to be honest with them..
  • 36
    I trusted my coach's guidance and improved my performance..
  • 37
    You should trust your instincts when it comes to relationships..
  • 38
    She trusted her colleague to cover her shift at work..
  • 39
    He will trust his assistant to handle important tasks..
  • 40
    We trust our accountant to manage our finances..
  • 41
    You all can trust the chef to prepare a delicious meal..
  • 42
    They have always trusted their therapist to provide them with guidance..
  • 43
    I trusted my friend with my car keys..
  • 44
    You can trust your sibling to keep your secrets..
  • 45
    She will trust her husband to make the right decision..
  • 46
    He trusted his roommate to water his plants while he was away..