Verbo to stimulate - Verbo to stimulate en espa帽ol estimular - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To stimulate

Infinitivo: to stimulate

Gerundio: stimulating

Pasado: stimulated

Participio: stimulated

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Presente Simple del verbo to stimulate

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    I stimulate
  • volume_up
    You stimulate
  • volume_up
    He/She/It stimulates
  • volume_up
    We stimulate
  • volume_up
    They stimulate

Presente Continuo del verbo to stimulate

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    I am stimulating
  • volume_up
    You are stimulating
  • volume_up
    He/She/It is stimulating
  • volume_up
    We are stimulating
  • volume_up
    They are stimulating

Pasado Simple del verbo to stimulate

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    I stimulated
  • volume_up
    You stimulated
  • volume_up
    He/She/It stimulated
  • volume_up
    We stimulated
  • volume_up
    They stimulated

Pasado Continuo del verbo to stimulate

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    I was stimulating
  • volume_up
    You were stimulating
  • volume_up
    He/She/It was stimulating
  • volume_up
    We were stimulating
  • volume_up
    They were stimulating

Presente Perfecto del verbo to stimulate

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    I have stimulated
  • volume_up
    You have stimulated
  • volume_up
    He/She/It has stimulated
  • volume_up
    We have stimulated
  • volume_up
    They have stimulated

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to stimulate

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    I had stimulated
  • volume_up
    You had stimulated
  • volume_up
    He/She/It had stimulated
  • volume_up
    We had stimulated
  • volume_up
    They had stimulated

Futuro Simple del verbo to stimulate

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    I will stimulate
  • volume_up
    You will stimulate
  • volume_up
    He/She/It will stimulate
  • volume_up
    We will stimulate
  • volume_up
    They will stimulate

Imperativo del verbo to stimulate

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38 Oraciones con el verbo to stimulate

  • 1
    She stimulates her creativity by painting every day..
  • 2
    They stimulate their muscles by going to the gym regularly..
  • 3
    He stimulated his mind by reading books on various subjects..
  • 4
    I will stimulate my appetite by preparing a delicious meal..
  • 5
    You can stimulate your senses by visiting an art exhibition..
  • 6
    We stimulated our curiosity by exploring a new city..
  • 7
    They stimulated their imaginations by watching a science fiction movie..
  • 8
    The therapist stimulates his patients' senses during rehabilitation..
  • 9
    She will stimulate her employees' motivation by offering rewards..
  • 10
    I can stimulate my memory by playing memory-enhancing games..
  • 11
    He stimulated his dog's energy by taking him for a long walk..
  • 12
    They stimulate their plants' growth by providing adequate sunlight..
  • 13
    We will stimulate our team's performance by setting achievable goals..
  • 14
    You can stimulate your dog's intelligence by teaching him new tricks..
  • 15
    She stimulates her baby's development by engaging him in playtime activities..
  • 16
    He will stimulate his students' critical thinking skills by asking thought-provoking questions..
  • 17
    I can stimulate my creativity by attending art workshops..
  • 18
    They stimulated their taste buds by trying exotic cuisines..
  • 19
    We stimulated our minds by attending a lecture on astrophysics..
  • 20
    The music teacher stimulates her students' musical abilities during class..
  • 21
    She will stimulate her team's collaboration by organizing team-building activities..
  • 22
    You can stimulate your motivation by setting clear goals..
  • 23
    He stimulates his cat's curiosity by introducing new toys..
  • 24
    They stimulated their employees' productivity by implementing a flexible work schedule..
  • 25
    We will stimulate our customers' interest by offering special discounts..
  • 26
    You can stimulate your baby's language development by reading to him daily..
  • 27
    She stimulates her students' enthusiasm for learning through interactive lessons..
  • 28
    He will stimulate his students' creativity by assigning art projects..
  • 29
    I can stimulate my dog's learning abilities by training him regularly..
  • 30
    They stimulate their plants' blooming by providing the right amount of water..
  • 31
    We stimulated our team's cohesion by organizing team-building exercises..
  • 32
    You can stimulate your creativity by trying out different art mediums..
  • 33
    She stimulates her baby's sensory development through sensory play..
  • 34
    He will stimulate his students' problem-solving skills by presenting them with challenging assignments..
  • 35
    I can stimulate my memory by practicing mnemonic techniques..
  • 36
    They stimulated their taste buds by experimenting with new recipes..
  • 37
    We stimulated our minds by attending a philosophy lecture..
  • 38
    The therapist stimulates her patients' motor skills during therapy sessions..