Verbo to hide - Verbo to hide en espa帽ol esconder - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To hide

Infinitivo: to hide

Gerundio: hiding

Pasado: hid

Participio: hidden

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Presente Simple del verbo to hide

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    I hide
  • volume_up
    You hide
  • volume_up
    He/She/It hides
  • volume_up
    We hide
  • volume_up
    They hide

Presente Continuo del verbo to hide

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    I am hiding
  • volume_up
    You are hiding
  • volume_up
    He/She/It is hiding
  • volume_up
    We are hiding
  • volume_up
    They are hiding

Pasado Simple del verbo to hide

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    I hid
  • volume_up
    You hid
  • volume_up
    He/She/It hid
  • volume_up
    We hid
  • volume_up
    They hid

Pasado Continuo del verbo to hide

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    I was hiding
  • volume_up
    You were hiding
  • volume_up
    He/She/It was hiding
  • volume_up
    We were hiding
  • volume_up
    They were hiding

Presente Perfecto del verbo to hide

  • volume_up
    I have hidden
  • volume_up
    You have hidden
  • volume_up
    He/She/It has hidden
  • volume_up
    We have hidden
  • volume_up
    They have hidden

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to hide

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    I had hidden
  • volume_up
    You had hidden
  • volume_up
    He/She/It had hidden
  • volume_up
    We had hidden
  • volume_up
    They had hidden

Futuro Simple del verbo to hide

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    I will hide
  • volume_up
    You will hide
  • volume_up
    He/She/It will hide
  • volume_up
    We will hide
  • volume_up
    They will hide

Imperativo del verbo to hide

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48 Oraciones con el verbo to hide

  • 1
    I hide my keys under the mat..
  • 2
    You hide your feelings well..
  • 3
    He hides his true intentions..
  • 4
    She hides her emotions behind a smile..
  • 5
    It hides in the bushes..
  • 6
    We hide our secrets from each other..
  • 7
    You (plural) hide your mistakes from your boss..
  • 8
    They hide their money in a safe..
  • 9
    I hid the letter in the drawer..
  • 10
    You hid the evidence before the police arrived..
  • 11
    He hid his face in shame..
  • 12
    She hid her disappointment from her parents..
  • 13
    It hid in the closet during the thunderstorm..
  • 14
    We hid the treasure in a hidden cave..
  • 15
    You (plural) hid your laughter at the joke..
  • 16
    They hid their true identities from the public..
  • 17
    I will hide the cookies from my brother..
  • 18
    You will hide your intentions until the right moment..
  • 19
    He will hide his fear during the performance..
  • 20
    She will hide her excitement until the surprise party..
  • 21
    It will hide in the tall grass..
  • 22
    We will hide our plans from the competition..
  • 23
    You (plural) will hide your emotions from others..
  • 24
    They will hide their true feelings about the situation..
  • 25
    I have hidden my diary from prying eyes..
  • 26
    You have hidden the truth for too long..
  • 27
    He has hidden his past from his new friends..
  • 28
    She has hidden her talents from everyone..
  • 29
    It has hidden its food for later..
  • 30
    We have hidden our disappointment from our parents..
  • 31
    You (plural) have hidden your intentions well..
  • 32
    They have hidden their involvement in the scandal..
  • 33
    I had hidden the key in the drawer..
  • 34
    You had hidden your true feelings for years..
  • 35
    He had hidden his mistakes from his boss..
  • 36
    She had hidden her fears from her loved ones..
  • 37
    It had hidden in the basement during the storm..
  • 38
    We had hidden the truth from our friends..
  • 39
    You (plural) had hidden your doubts about the plan..
  • 40
    They had hidden their secret relationship from everyone..
  • 41
    I will have hidden the evidence by tomorrow..
  • 42
    You will have hidden your emotions successfully..
  • 43
    He will have hidden his disappointment by then..
  • 44
    She will have hidden her surprise party planning..
  • 45
    It will have hidden in a safer place..
  • 46
    We will have hidden our intentions from the competition..
  • 47
    You (plural) will have hidden your true intentions..
  • 48
    They will have hidden their true feelings about the situation..