Verbo to grab - Verbo to grab en espa帽ol agarrar - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To grab

Infinitivo: to grab

Gerundio: grabbing

Pasado: grabbed

Participio: grabbed

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Presente Simple del verbo to grab

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    I grab
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    You grab
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    He/She/It grabs
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    We grab
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    They grab

Presente Continuo del verbo to grab

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    I am grabbing
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    You are grabbing
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    He/She/It is grabbing
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    We are grabbing
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    They are grabbing

Pasado Simple del verbo to grab

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    I grabbed
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    You grabbed
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    He/She/It grabbed
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    We grabbed
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    They grabbed

Pasado Continuo del verbo to grab

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    I was grabbing
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    You were grabbing
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    He/She/It was grabbing
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    We were grabbing
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    They were grabbing

Presente Perfecto del verbo to grab

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    I have grabbed
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    You have grabbed
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    He/She/It has grabbed
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    We have grabbed
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    They have grabbed

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to grab

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    I had grabbed
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    You had grabbed
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    He/She/It had grabbed
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    We had grabbed
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    They had grabbed

Futuro Simple del verbo to grab

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    I will grab
  • volume_up
    You will grab
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    He/She/It will grab
  • volume_up
    We will grab
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    They will grab

Imperativo del verbo to grab

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40 Oraciones con el verbo to grab

  • 1
    I grab the book from the shelf..
  • 2
    You grab your backpack and head out the door..
  • 3
    He grabs a pen and starts writing..
  • 4
    She grabs her phone and calls her friend..
  • 5
    It grabs the toy with its mouth..
  • 6
    We grab some snacks for the road trip..
  • 7
    You (plural) grab the keys and lock the door..
  • 8
    They grab their coats to go outside..
  • 9
    I will grab a sandwich for lunch..
  • 10
    You will grab the opportunity when it arises..
  • 11
    He will grab the chance to prove himself..
  • 12
    She will grab her chance to shine on stage..
  • 13
    It will grab the attention of the audience..
  • 14
    We will grab some drinks at the bar..
  • 15
    You (plural) will grab your bags and leave..
  • 16
    They will grab the opportunity to travel..
  • 17
    I grabbed my umbrella before going out..
  • 18
    You grabbed the last piece of cake..
  • 19
    He grabbed the steering wheel and drove away..
  • 20
    She grabbed her coat and rushed out of the house..
  • 21
    It grabbed the mouse and ran away..
  • 22
    We grabbed some groceries on our way home..
  • 23
    You (plural) grabbed your jackets and went outside..
  • 24
    They grabbed their backpacks and headed to school..
  • 25
    I have grabbed the opportunity to learn a new skill..
  • 26
    You have grabbed my attention with your words..
  • 27
    He has grabbed the trophy for his outstanding performance..
  • 28
    She has grabbed the opportunity to study abroad..
  • 29
    It has grabbed the spotlight with its unique design..
  • 30
    We have grabbed every opportunity that came our way..
  • 31
    You (plural) have grabbed the chance to succeed..
  • 32
    They have grabbed the attention of the media..
  • 33
    I had grabbed a snack before the movie started..
  • 34
    You had grabbed the wrong bag by mistake..
  • 35
    He had grabbed his guitar and started playing..
  • 36
    She had grabbed her camera to capture the beautiful sunset..
  • 37
    It had grabbed the toy and ran off..
  • 38
    We had grabbed a table at the restaurant before it got crowded..
  • 39
    You (plural) had grabbed your tickets in advance..
  • 40
    They had grabbed their umbrellas as it started to rain..