Verbo to endure - Verbo to endure en espa帽ol aguantar - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To endure

Infinitivo: to endure

Gerundio: enduring

Pasado: endured

Participio: endured

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Presente Simple del verbo to endure

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    I endure
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    You endure
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    He/She/It endures
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    We endure
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    They endure

Presente Continuo del verbo to endure

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    I am enduring
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    You are enduring
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    He/She/It is enduring
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    We are enduring
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    They are enduring

Pasado Simple del verbo to endure

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    I endured
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    You endured
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    He/She/It endured
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    We endured
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    They endured

Pasado Continuo del verbo to endure

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    I was enduring
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    You were enduring
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    He/She/It was enduring
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    We were enduring
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    They were enduring

Presente Perfecto del verbo to endure

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    I have endured
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    You have endured
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    He/She/It has endured
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    We have endured
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    They have endured

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to endure

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    I had endured
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    You had endured
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    He/She/It had endured
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    We had endured
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    They had endured

Futuro Simple del verbo to endure

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    I will endure
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    You will endure
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    He/She/It will endure
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    We will endure
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    They will endure

Imperativo del verbo to endure

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45 Oraciones con el verbo to endure

  • 1
    She endures the pain of her injuries..
  • 2
    They will endure the long journey to reach their destination..
  • 3
    I have endured many hardships in my life..
  • 4
    He is enduring a difficult financial situation..
  • 5
    We will endure the challenges together..
  • 6
    You have endured enough suffering..
  • 7
    The team must endure the rigorous training..
  • 8
    She endures the criticism with grace..
  • 9
    They are enduring the consequences of their actions..
  • 10
    I will endure the cold weather for the sake of adventure..
  • 11
    He endures the loss of his loved ones..
  • 12
    We have endured the test of time..
  • 13
    You should endure the pain for a little while longer..
  • 14
    The soldiers endured harsh conditions on the battlefield..
  • 15
    She will endure the pressure and come out stronger..
  • 16
    They endured the discrimination and fought for their rights..
  • 17
    I have endured this job for far too long..
  • 18
    He is enduring a terrible breakup..
  • 19
    We must endure the hardships to appreciate the good times..
  • 20
    You have endured a lot, but don't give up now..
  • 21
    The marathon runners endured the grueling race..
  • 22
    She endures the loneliness of being far away from her family..
  • 23
    They will endure the criticism and prove their worth..
  • 24
    I have endured sleepless nights over this decision..
  • 25
    He is enduring the wait for his test results..
  • 26
    We will endure the storm and rebuild our lives..
  • 27
    You have endured so much, yet you remain strong..
  • 28
    The survivors endured the horrors of war..
  • 29
    She endures the constant pressure from her parents..
  • 30
    They are enduring the consequences of their actions..
  • 31
    I will endure the pain for the sake of my goals..
  • 32
    He endures the hardships of living in poverty..
  • 33
    We have endured the hardships of starting a new business..
  • 34
    You should endure the criticism and use it to improve..
  • 35
    The team endured the tough training and emerged victorious..
  • 36
    She will endure the challenges and achieve her dreams..
  • 37
    They endured the injustice and fought for equality..
  • 38
    I have endured the hardships and come out stronger..
  • 39
    He is enduring the loss of a dear friend..
  • 40
    We must endure the difficulties to appreciate the successes..
  • 41
    You have endured so much, don't lose hope now..
  • 42
    The patients endured the pain of their treatments..
  • 43
    She endures the challenges with determination..
  • 44
    They will endure the hardships and come out stronger..
  • 45
    I have endured the criticism and grown from it..