Verbo to deduce - Verbo to deduce en espa帽ol deducir - Oraciones | Definiciones

Detalles y formas del verbo To deduce

Infinitivo: to deduce

Gerundio: deducing

Pasado: deduced

Participio: deduced

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Presente Simple del verbo to deduce

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    I deduce
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    You deduce
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    He/She/It deduces
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    We deduce
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    They deduce

Presente Continuo del verbo to deduce

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    I am deducing
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    You are deducing
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    He/She/It is deducing
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    We are deducing
  • volume_up
    They are deducing

Pasado Simple del verbo to deduce

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    I deduced
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    You deduced
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    He/She/It deduced
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    We deduced
  • volume_up
    They deduced

Pasado Continuo del verbo to deduce

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    I was deducing
  • volume_up
    You were deducing
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    He/She/It was deducing
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    We were deducing
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    They were deducing

Presente Perfecto del verbo to deduce

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    I have deduced
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    You have deduced
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    He/She/It has deduced
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    We have deduced
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    They have deduced

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to deduce

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    I had deduced
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    You had deduced
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    He/She/It had deduced
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    We had deduced
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    They had deduced

Futuro Simple del verbo to deduce

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    I will deduce
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    You will deduce
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    He/She/It will deduce
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    We will deduce
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    They will deduce

Imperativo del verbo to deduce

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41 Oraciones con el verbo to deduce

  • 1
    She deduces that he is lying..
  • 2
    They deduce that the culprit is someone they know..
  • 3
    I deduced that she was upset based on her body language..
  • 4
    We will deduce the solution to the problem together..
  • 5
    You can deduce the answer by analyzing the data..
  • 6
    He deduced that the car had been stolen..
  • 7
    She deduces that the missing key is in her bag..
  • 8
    They deduced that the company's profits would increase..
  • 9
    I will deduce the winner of the competition..
  • 10
    We can deduce from his behavior that he is hiding something..
  • 11
    You deduced the correct answer to the riddle..
  • 12
    He deduces that the meeting will be canceled..
  • 13
    She deduced from the evidence that he was guilty..
  • 14
    They deduce that the ship was sunk by enemy forces..
  • 15
    I deduced that he was not telling the truth..
  • 16
    We will deduce the cause of the problem..
  • 17
    You can deduce the meaning of the word from its context..
  • 18
    He deduces that she is not interested in him..
  • 19
    She deduced that the recipe was missing an ingredient..
  • 20
    They deduce that the suspect was at the crime scene..
  • 21
    I deduced that the project would be successful..
  • 22
    We will deduce the correct path to take..
  • 23
    You can deduce the author's intent from the text..
  • 24
    He deduced that the plan had failed..
  • 25
    She deduced from his reaction that he was surprised..
  • 26
    They deduce that the treasure is buried in the garden..
  • 27
    I deduced that the book had been borrowed by someone else..
  • 28
    We will deduce the next step in the process..
  • 29
    You can deduce the solution by following the clues..
  • 30
    He deduces that the dog is hungry..
  • 31
    She deduced that the train was delayed..
  • 32
    They deduce that the price of the product will increase..
  • 33
    I deduced that he was not happy with the result..
  • 34
    We will deduce the outcome of the experiment..
  • 35
    You can deduce the conclusion from the evidence..
  • 36
    He deduces that the letter was written by his brother..
  • 37
    She deduced that the vase had been broken..
  • 38
    They deduce that the storm will cause damage..
  • 39
    I deduced that she was not interested in the topic..
  • 40
    We will deduce the best course of action..
  • 41
    You can deduce the source of the problem by analyzing the data..