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Detalles y formas del verbo To achieve

Infinitivo: to achieve

Gerundio: achieving

Pasado: achieved

Participio: achieved

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Presente Simple del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I achieve
  • volume_up
    You achieve
  • volume_up
    He/She/It achieves
  • volume_up
    We achieve
  • volume_up
    They achieve

Presente Continuo del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I am achieving
  • volume_up
    You are achieving
  • volume_up
    He/She/It is achieving
  • volume_up
    We are achieving
  • volume_up
    They are achieving

Pasado Simple del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I achieved
  • volume_up
    You achieved
  • volume_up
    He/She/It achieved
  • volume_up
    We achieved
  • volume_up
    They achieved

Pasado Continuo del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I was achieving
  • volume_up
    You were achieving
  • volume_up
    He/She/It was achieving
  • volume_up
    We were achieving
  • volume_up
    They were achieving

Presente Perfecto del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I have achieved
  • volume_up
    You have achieved
  • volume_up
    He/She/It has achieved
  • volume_up
    We have achieved
  • volume_up
    They have achieved

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I had achieved
  • volume_up
    You had achieved
  • volume_up
    He/She/It had achieved
  • volume_up
    We had achieved
  • volume_up
    They had achieved

Futuro Simple del verbo to achieve

  • volume_up
    I will achieve
  • volume_up
    You will achieve
  • volume_up
    He/She/It will achieve
  • volume_up
    We will achieve
  • volume_up
    They will achieve

Imperativo del verbo to achieve

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41 Oraciones con el verbo to achieve

  • 1
    She achieves her goals with hard work and determination..
  • 2
    They will achieve success if they keep working towards their dreams..
  • 3
    He has achieved great success in his career..
  • 4
    We are determined to achieve our objectives..
  • 5
    You can achieve anything you set your mind to..
  • 6
    I achieved my goal of running a marathon..
  • 7
    The team is working hard to achieve victory..
  • 8
    She achieved high grades in her exams..
  • 9
    They have achieved their target sales for the month..
  • 10
    He achieved his dream of becoming a doctor..
  • 11
    We will achieve greatness together..
  • 12
    You have achieved so much in such a short time..
  • 13
    I am confident that we can achieve success..
  • 14
    The company needs to achieve its financial targets..
  • 15
    She is determined to achieve her dreams..
  • 16
    They achieved their goal of winning the championship..
  • 17
    He will achieve his objectives through hard work..
  • 18
    We have achieved a significant milestone in our project..
  • 19
    You can achieve your desired weight with proper diet and exercise..
  • 20
    I finally achieved my lifelong dream of traveling the world..
  • 21
    The team worked tirelessly to achieve their mission..
  • 22
    She believes she can achieve anything she sets her mind to..
  • 23
    They achieved remarkable results in their research..
  • 24
    He has achieved a high level of skill in playing the piano..
  • 25
    We should set realistic goals that we can achieve..
  • 26
    You have achieved great things in your career..
  • 27
    I achieved my target sales for this quarter..
  • 28
    The company aims to achieve sustainable growth..
  • 29
    She achieved recognition for her outstanding performance..
  • 30
    They will achieve their objectives by working together..
  • 31
    He has achieved a lot in his life..
  • 32
    We are determined to achieve success in our endeavors..
  • 33
    You can achieve your dreams if you believe in yourself..
  • 34
    I achieved a personal best time in the race..
  • 35
    The team achieved victory against all odds..
  • 36
    She believes in her ability to achieve greatness..
  • 37
    They achieved their goals by staying focused and dedicated..
  • 38
    He will achieve his ambitions through hard work and perseverance..
  • 39
    We have achieved significant improvements in our productivity..
  • 40
    You can achieve financial independence with proper financial planning..
  • 41
    I achieved my desired outcome through careful planning and execution..