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Detalles y formas del verbo To accommodate

Infinitivo: to accommodate

Gerundio: accommodating

Pasado: accommodated

Participio: accommodated

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Presente Simple del verbo to accommodate

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    I accommodate
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    You accommodate
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    He/She/It accommodates
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    We accommodate
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    They accommodate

Presente Continuo del verbo to accommodate

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    I am accommodating
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    You are accommodating
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    He/She/It is accommodating
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    We are accommodating
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    They are accommodating

Pasado Simple del verbo to accommodate

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    I accommodated
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    You accommodated
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    He/She/It accommodated
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    We accommodated
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    They accommodated

Pasado Continuo del verbo to accommodate

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    I was accommodating
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    You were accommodating
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    He/She/It was accommodating
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    We were accommodating
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    They were accommodating

Presente Perfecto del verbo to accommodate

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    I have accommodated
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    You have accommodated
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    He/She/It has accommodated
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    We have accommodated
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    They have accommodated

Pasado Perfecto del verbo to accommodate

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    I had accommodated
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    You had accommodated
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    He/She/It had accommodated
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    We had accommodated
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    They had accommodated

Futuro Simple del verbo to accommodate

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    I will accommodate
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    You will accommodate
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    He/She/It will accommodate
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    We will accommodate
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    They will accommodate

Imperativo del verbo to accommodate

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44 Oraciones con el verbo to accommodate

  • 1
    She accommodates her family by cooking their favorite meals..
  • 2
    I will accommodate your request for a later appointment..
  • 3
    They accommodated the special needs of the elderly guests..
  • 4
    We need to accommodate more people at the event..
  • 5
    He accommodated his coworker by switching shifts..
  • 6
    You should accommodate your guests by providing comfortable seating..
  • 7
    The hotel can accommodate up to 200 guests..
  • 8
    She accommodated her friend's dietary restrictions by preparing a vegan meal..
  • 9
    We accommodated the company's budget constraints by finding affordable solutions..
  • 10
    They will accommodate your need for additional storage space..
  • 11
    I accommodated their preferences by choosing a different restaurant..
  • 12
    The airline accommodated the passengers by rescheduling their flights..
  • 13
    He accommodates his clients' busy schedules by offering flexible appointment times..
  • 14
    She accommodates her boss's demands without hesitation..
  • 15
    We should accommodate their request for a longer break..
  • 16
    You can accommodate more people in the conference room by rearranging the furniture..
  • 17
    The restaurant accommodates large groups for special occasions..
  • 18
    They accommodated my request to change the delivery address..
  • 19
    I will accommodate your need for privacy by giving you a separate room..
  • 20
    The school accommodated the student's learning disabilities by providing extra support..
  • 21
    She accommodates her children's different bedtime routines..
  • 22
    We need to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities in our building..
  • 23
    He accommodated the customer's complaint by offering a refund..
  • 24
    You should accommodate your employees' work-life balance..
  • 25
    The hotel can accommodate weddings and other events..
  • 26
    She accommodated her husband's career by relocating..
  • 27
    We accommodated their request for a shorter meeting..
  • 28
    They will accommodate your desire to work remotely..
  • 29
    I accommodated their suggestion by including it in the final report..
  • 30
    The airline accommodated the passengers' special meal preferences..
  • 31
    He accommodates his team's ideas and suggestions..
  • 32
    She accommodates her parents' visits by preparing their favorite meals..
  • 33
    We should accommodate their need for more parking spaces..
  • 34
    You can accommodate more guests in the dining area by adding extra tables..
  • 35
    The hotel accommodated the guest's late check-in..
  • 36
    They accommodated my request for a non-smoking room..
  • 37
    I will accommodate your preference for a window seat..
  • 38
    The school accommodated the student's request for extra tutoring..
  • 39
    She accommodates her siblings' different personalities..
  • 40
    We need to accommodate the company's growth by hiring more employees..
  • 41
    He accommodated the customer's budget constraints by offering a discount..
  • 42
    You should accommodate your friend's dietary restrictions when planning meals..
  • 43
    The hotel can accommodate guests with pets..
  • 44
    She accommodated her roommate's study schedule by being quiet in the evenings..