Verb to sing - Verbo to sing en español cantar

Details and forms of the verb To sing

Infinitive: to sing

Gerund: singing

Past: sang

Participle: sung

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Present Simple of the verb to sing

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    I sing
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    You sing
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    He/She/It sings
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    We sing
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    They sing

Present Continuous of the verb to sing

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    I am singing
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    You are singing
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    He/She/It is singing
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    We are singing
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    They are singing

Past Simple of the verb to sing

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    I sang
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    You sang
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    He/She/It sang
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    We sang
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    They sang

Past Continuous of the verb to sing

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    I was singing
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    You were singing
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    He/She/It was singing
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    We were singing
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    They were singing

Present Perfect of the verb to sing

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    I have sung
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    You have sung
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    He/She/It has sung
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    We have sung
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    They have sung

Past Perfect of the verb to sing

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    I had sung
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    You had sung
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    He/She/It had sung
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    We had sung
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    They had sung

Future Simple of the verb to sing

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    I will sing
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    You will sing
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    He/She/It will sing
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    We will sing
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    They will sing

Imperativo del verbo to sing

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40 Sentences with the verb to sing

  • 1
    I sing in the shower every morning..
  • 2
    You sing beautifully..
  • 3
    He sings with passion..
  • 4
    She sang a lullaby to her baby..
  • 5
    It will sing its heart out tonight..
  • 6
    We love to sing in the car..
  • 7
    You all should sing louder..
  • 8
    They sang a duet at the concert..
  • 9
    I have sung this song before..
  • 10
    You have never sung in public..
  • 11
    He had been singing for hours..
  • 12
    She will be singing at the event..
  • 13
    It would have sung if it knew how..
  • 14
    We should have sung that song together..
  • 15
    You all might have sung better..
  • 16
    They could have sung if they had practiced..
  • 17
    I am singing my favorite song..
  • 18
    You are singing out of tune..
  • 19
    He is singing in the choir..
  • 20
    She was singing in the shower..
  • 21
    It will be singing all night long..
  • 22
    We have been singing together for years..
  • 23
    You all were singing too loudly..
  • 24
    They have been singing non-stop..
  • 25
    I will have sung all the songs by then..
  • 26
    You will be singing during the performance..
  • 27
    He would sing every chance he got..
  • 28
    She might sing at the talent show..
  • 29
    It could sing if it wanted to..
  • 30
    We should sing more often..
  • 31
    You all must sing your hearts out..
  • 32
    They can sing any song perfectly..
  • 33
    I had sung the wrong lyrics..
  • 34
    You had been singing for hours..
  • 35
    He will have been singing professionally for ten years..
  • 36
    She would have sung if she had practiced..
  • 37
    It might have sung if it had known the words..
  • 38
    We should have sung that song differently..
  • 39
    You all could have sung better..
  • 40
    They must have sung beautifully at the contest..